It’s All Happening :: Storm Sandy Playlist

IAH-StormSandyPlaylistMother Nature is raging outside, Hurricane Sandy is pissed, but you’re cozy inside with your iTunes, records, or at least an iPod.

How should you weather the storm?

I’m definitely one to go a little stir crazy if kept indoors for too long – I’ll start painting my walls or, as I live with five roommates, I’ll start playing pranks, and I’ve learned that I’m the one who always takes it too far.

SInce the powers that be have named this natural extravaganza Sandy, the first recommendation I have for this rainy evening is the entire Grease sound track, which I just happened to pick up on vinyl at Value Village!

It will greatly improve your spirits to sing along to every fucking word while the rain smashes mercilessly against the window.

After a solid A- and B-side listen, I would strictly stick to surf music. Dreaming of the California sun while stuck inside during a freezing Canadian shitstorm seems to be the only way. . . .


‘Just a Creep’ – Dum Dum Girls

Excellent, carefree guitar riffs will have you dancing away your cabin-fever blues in no time.


‘Sunshine Superman’ – Donovan

Another hopelessly happy tune, but it may start to wear on you when you realize that summer is another eight months away.


‘Diddy Wah Diddy’ – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

Fuck it – one more happy song.

Rainy, dark weather is the best for introspection . . . it’s the time, in my opinion, to wallow in old heartbreak, remember the good times, or nurse your boozey blues.


‘The Wind’ – Cat Stevens

First and foremost, this song is on the Almost Famous soundtrack, which makes it an immediate winner.

There’s a scene about 56 minutes in – it’s after a huge gig and the infamous Penny Lane is alone in the empty stadium, dancing barefoot to the glorious tune.

Today is also the perfect day to watch Almost Famous on repeat.**

**Make sure you sing along to the ‘Tiny Dancer’  scene at the top of your lungs.


‘At the Hop’ – Devendra Banhart

If you are lucky enough to have a cozy, warm body next to you while the rain pours, I can’t think of a better song to lay next to lover with . . . . Bahhhhh – it kills me!!


‘Don’t Cry Baby’ – Etta James

Etta James and the rain are my peanut butter and jelly . . . . Oh, man.


‘Your Protector’ – Fleet Foxes

If you decide to venture out into the elements, make sure this one is in your headphones!!


‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ – Billie Holiday

Ahhhh . . . . The perfect rainy day lullaby . . . .

Chuck on this old blues record; between the old vinyl crackle and that voice, you’ll have the sweetest dreams ever!

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