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IAH-FestivalSpiritCoachella 2012 kicked off this year’s festival season. . . .

Sadly, I missed out and I now I have the constant reminder that not only did I miss it once, but I missed it twice!

After having the privilege of taking in the 2011 festival firsthand,

could 2012 possible be more magical than 2011? Granted last year had its low point – most notably holding my best friend’s IV bag in the medical tent while she took a shit, only to hear the Stokes’ set in the distance. . . Ahhh – you win some, you lose some.

Sometimes, one has too much fun, too much.

That’s the thing with festivals: when are you pacing yourself and when are you being a prude? Granted, we learned the hard way last year that a hefty dose of MDMA to snap one’s self out of a bad mushroom trip isn’t always the best idea, but simple saying no to a colourful pill of awesome for breakfast just because Radiohead is playing that night, and you’re saving yourself for them, is just lame.


As a seasoned festival goer, I cringe at the sun-visored gangs of girls and guys, running around in a frenzy, desperately clutching their schedule, yelling at their friends who have fallen behind because “we have 15 minutes before Mazzy Star is on, and we’re going to stay for 20 minutes of that so we can run to this tent to watch 10 minutes of that DJ before running clear across the grounds to see the last few songs of Snoop Dogg!!!”

It kills your buzz just watching them.

The unplanned shows are the most memorable by far – who knew you’d have a better time staking out a pile of horse shit just to yell at passers by that you’re front row for Mumford & Sons, or by filing your medicine bag with magical treats to trade for head, hands and body paint.

Even getting to the promise land of the festival grounds should be looked at as a possibility for adventure. So what if your motor home breaks down half down the Pacific Highway? Don’t panic, don’t cry – simply take a half  gram of mushrooms, sing the entire score to the Wizard of Oz, and I promise the universe will take care of you!

If the festival gods want you there, you’ll get there.

Sadly, since Raz Mataz missed the wonders of Coachella 2012 (Tupac hologram anyone?) We will, from here on out, be on the forefront of festival correspondance. Raz Mataz will be your go-to for which festivals to hit and which ones to miss; what to pack and who to check out.

Festival season is kicking off as we speak, join us for the ride!!!!

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