If you were there. . . .

If you were at JangBang Bar & Grill in Toronto on Friday night, then you were there. You were there where we were making history.

Yes, you were at the very first (the first ever) Music Almost Famous concert series, present by yours truly (Raz Mataz Magazine).

The show was a roaring success – Delrose, Pete, Brandon, and Mark performed their hearts out, and the crowd loved it.

We really, truly, honestly, can’t thank them enough.

We also can’t thank Michael, who let us invade his wonderful restaurant – and who gave me the secret recipe to his delicious Korean tacos!

And, of course, we cannot possibly thank everyone who came to the show and donated their hard-earned money. Without you, we’d never be able to grow Raz Mataz, so thanks.

You can look forward to more amazing shows – like on April 7 at Naughty Nadz in Mississauga, were we’ll be cheering on a few other awesome performers. You should come out and say ‘hello’ (in case you haven’t noticed, we really like it when you do.)

And if you’d like to know more about Delrose, Pete, Brandon, and Mark (which you should), check out our ‘specials’ section.

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