Great Music – even out of an empty box. . . .

Several years ago, a friend and I were leaving the notorious Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, when said friend decided one last beer was in order.

Now, having already exited the popular Queen Street bar, we opted for the next best thing: the Gorilla Monsoon, conveniently located directly next door to the Tavern.

We enter, order beers . . . and nachos. . . and listen to the house band.

They were pretty unique – an acoustic guitar, a standing bass. . . . and a cardboard box?

You can imagine my confusion. I tried counting the pints of the night. . . Not enough for me to be seeing things. . . .

And I wasn’t. This band was actually playing a dead-on rendition of ‘Wild Thing’ with a cardboard box.

Years have since passed. The Gorilla Monsoon has boarded its windows. And I all but forgot of this strange band.

Fast forward three years. . . .

I’m wandering through the wonderful world of YouTube. And that’s when it happened.

That’s when I found this:

Yes, folks, they’re still around. They’re called Box Full of Cash and they’re still playing on a cardboard box.

I strongly recommend that each and every one of you check out one of their many upcoming shows (full list on their myspace and facebook pages, see below) – and maybe mention who sent you.




Ahem. . . .

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