Girls :: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Girls-FatherSonHolyGhostFather, Son, Holy Ghost is the second album from San Francisco band Girls. The band, which is composed of two key members, Christopher Owens and Chet “J.R.” White, has a sound which can easily be compared to any surf rock bands.

Their first album featured a variety of songs, each with their own unique sound and lyrics. This second album, which is no different, begins with an upbeat tune that has me wanting to break out my swimwear.

‘Honey Bunny’ is a song about knowing that the right person is out there for us, but the lyrics say it in a fun way, even mentioning how girls don’t like his “boney body”.

Although all the lyrics in Father, Son, Holy Ghost are simple, they should not be confused for a lack of talent or emotion, as Girls have plenty of both. The album goes on to include a variety of different songs all written about different topics. While some songs are about past relationships, there are some written for Owens’ mother, such as ‘My Ma’. Their variety adds a certain unique joy which does not exist today with many artists.

The album has a certain sound which brings pure bliss to the listener, a joy that anyone can appreciate. With both the meaningful lyrics written by Owens and beautiful accompanying instruments such as the bass played by White, the album channels musicians from both the ’60s and ’70s, like The Beach Boys and Elvis Costello. Girls tastefully brings back the sound and mood of those eras.

Their musical talent shines through their emotional pieces on the album, such as ‘Vomit’, which was released as a single and was written about Owens’ ex-girlfriend. The song which has an eerie and sad sound is absolutely outstanding, as the listener is able to understand and relate to the emotions Girls is singing about and feeling. Most of their tracks are like this, leaving each listener with an intimate feeling of understanding what they are singing about.

This album is one which I, personally, can listen to many times over again, as it leaves me with a sense of happiness. Girls is truly a gem in the music industry. They are extremely talented, and leave the listener with a feeling of bliss. Father, Son, Holy Ghost does nothing less than showcase their talent. This album makes me want to spend days lying down on the beach, taking in the warm rays and enjoying life – both the good and the bad.

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