Fur Eel

FurEelI had the chance to catch up with Regina-hailing soul kids Fur Eel at the local watering hole, The Lake View, the Thursday of Canadian Music Week.

When they aren’t coming up with faecal-related iPhone apps (think ‘poopagram’) or their own signature tour van air freshers (the new spring scent of vegan fart), they are hard at work on their second album, Perhaps Another Time, that is currently being mixed by Steven Fallone (who has worked with T.V. on the Radio and the Strokes).

The boys are hoping to have it up online this April with the official release in June, mid-way through their cross-country tour.

The music scene in Regina, Saskatchewan is very easy to overplay, I’m told, so having a solid show every few months is all they can do.

So, since touring is a must when living in such a small city, Fur Eel plans on hitting the whole country this summer.

“Well, not the Maritimes,” they say.

Ahh, of course – does any band include the Maritimes?

Fur Eel has been able to fund a lot of their musical endeavours by way of a government arts grant, and are very excited with how receptive Toronto is with original tunes.

Singer Justin Sheppard says when they play gigs in more rural areas, the crowd mostly wants to hear covers.

“We even had a chick come up to the stage with a little note that said, ‘Can you please play some Sublime?'” adds guitarist, Thomas St.One.

“It’s a pretty big insult because it’s like saying, ‘Can you stop what you’re doing and do something else?'”

Well, we say screw ’em! We at Raz Mataz this Fur Eel’s soul funkadelic sound is refreshingly original.

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