Fur Eel

FurEel“We’re going to keep getting sexual here this evening,” yells lead singer, Justin Sheppard.

“And we encourage you to get sexual with us!”

Oh wow – too late… this reporter is all but turned on.

Between the perfectly pitched vocals jumping back and forth from falsetto to sexy belts, the groovy gravity of a  solid rhythm section and the wails of two soulfully effected electrics, one wouldn’t expect to look up and see a bunch of white boys from the prairies, but here you have it folks – it’s the soul shakin’, foot tappin’ Fur Eel.

They break into the first song, ‘Entertainaz’, from their 2011 album, Elephant Summer, and the general feel of the small room is that of sheer captivation – these guys can rock!

The audience is contently on the edge of their seats with the unexpected tempo changes, as the bone-busting bass sinks deep under the crowd’s skin.

Between the pops and the pauses, this is unpredictable raw funk at its finest.

Half-way through their set, the band switches things up by going  psychedelic with my favourite tune of the evening, ‘Black Mountain’, before heading straight into their new album’s single, ‘Ain’t Got The Time’.

By the end of the night, Fur Eel is soaked head-to-toe, and the audience has left with a content smile that only comes from being throughly entertained… or properly fucked.

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