Fun. :: Some Nights

Fun-SomeNightsI have been hooked on this sophomore album for the past week. This band is fun. Period.

Fun. has strong, positive anthems that will get stuck in your head and will motivate you. Each song on the record, titled Some Nights, is fully crafted, leaving no detail behind. Through their use of syncopation, multi-instrumentation, great lyrics and fantastic melodies, this percussive-rich album is sure to please those alternative progressive rock ears. Even though the subject matter of their songs are deeply emotional, sometimes delving into heavy issues, such as heartbreaks, depressions, or the loss of parents, the moods and melodies on the album are bouncy, uplifting, playful and intricate. And they have already had a huge hit with their single, ‘We Are Young’.

This indie-band, hailing from New York City, is comprised of Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff. Ruess possess one heck of a voice – it’s strong, emotional and has a huge range without crossing that line into whining, brining to mind Freddie Mercury of Queen. Even some of the songs on this album are reminiscent of classic Queen, which means it is effing awesome.

Antonoff supports vocals and plays guitars and trumpet. And Dost is a massive multi-instrumentalist; in addition to backing up the vocals, Dost plays piano, guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, trumpet, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, and percussion.

Amazingly, this band utilizes all the multi-talent they have to great results.

Some Nights opens with an almost operatic solo gloriously driven by Ruess, truly setting the tone for what is to come on the album – power.

‘It Gets Better’ opens with a break-beat rhythm that’s very startling to the ears. It quickly and naturally transforms into a singable melody. With escalating guitar riffs and rib-shaking drums, the track changes tempo, and delivers a great rock song.

‘Stars’ is an epic, style-diverse track. The song intros in rock, melds into pop verses, and builds and builds and then drops into a hip-hop groove, similar to those sudden dubstep drops of recent. Even through the use of autotune on Ruess’ voice, the orchestration and the youth choir, the song flows naturally and progressively.

The most uplifting song on the album is ‘Carry On’. It opens quietly on the piano and breaks into a deep, fist-pumping rhythm. Just listening to the lyrics, it’s clear these guys don’t want you in a rut:

“If you’re lost and alone / Or sinking like a stone / Carry on / May your past be the sound / Of your feet upon the ground…”

The song continues to escalate into a massive statement of owning who you are: “We are, we are shining stars / We are invincible / We are who we are”. And with the echoing “No one’s ever gonna stop us tonight!” that closes out the track, it is evident this song is an anthem for personal strength and perseverance.

The album rings of positivity and strength – and fun – evident through their use of their massive talents. Their songs bounce from rock to funk to operatic and symphonic – all within one song even. It is easy to see that these guys are versatile through and through. Some Nights is solid from start to finish, intricate and dense. This is definitely one worth listening to over and over again.

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