Frank Ocean :: Channel Orange

FrankOcean-ChannelOrange1/30th of the California hip hop collective, Odd Future – or, for you purists out there, OFWGKTA – has a bright future in music; albeit, you wouldn’t think it from hearing

Channel Orange.

Familiar somewhat with the antics of the skate/slacker crew headed by Tyler, The Creator, I only took notice to Ocean after I realized he may be the only member I didn’t vehemently hate. . . (Earl, are you for real with that mustache?) Oh, and because he kind of, sort of came out before releasing the record.

The real thing I want to know, maybe even more so than if it is any good, is if it is better than Odd Future (which  made me want to stick white hot needles in my eyes).

So, with high expectations, I put my ears to the speakers and hit play.

Then stop.

Did his forthcoming honesty and appeal lay solely on his coming out, and his success stem from people not wanting to criticize a young talent who could bare his soul in a pretty backwards genre.

I don’t know. I don’t really care either way.

No doubt – there are some singles here, but what I was wanting I never got. The record could be summed up as follows . . . .

See, the record starts with, get this, ‘Start’ – no friggin way! It’s about 50 seconds of almost nothing until some videogame noises chime in about three seconds before it’s over.

So just when I thought it was getting good, it was over.

Pass the pins, please.

As for album standouts, ‘Super Rich Kids’ (featuring Earl Sweatshirt), and ‘Sweet Life’ both  solidify his abilities in songwriting, while almost everything else points to adjustments to write an “album”.

And for a bit of extra c’mon now, with the arsenal available in the music world, you rope John Mayer?

You, sir, are one step closer to music jail.

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