Flying Lotus :: Until the Quiet Comes

FlyingLotus-UntilQuietComesSteve Ellison, otherwise known as Flying Lotus, released his much-anticipated fourth album, Until the Quiet Comes, at the beginning of October, and, to the delight of anxious fans, the album leaked several days before the scheduled release date. I know a few die-hards who refused to listen to it until the record’s official release, and I commend them; Ellison (and all musicians for that matter) deserve to have their work purchased by their fans.

But this isn’t a piece about the ethics of illegally downloading music. It’s a piece about Ellison’s latest work, an album put together with great attention to detail and its collaborations from musicians such as Thundercat, Erykah Badu, Niki Randa, Thom Yorke, and Laura Darlington, which only enhance the album’s depth.

The album is lengthy, with 18 songs in total, but the flow is smooth and gradual. Songs transition into one another fluidly, like ‘Tiny Tortures’ and ‘All the Secrets’. ‘Sultan’s Request’ is a track that immediately catches you with its heavy electronic beat. While songs like ‘Only If You Wanna’ seem like dreamy jazz numbers that could be elevator music.

Fans and critics were wondering if Ellison would be able to top Cosmogramma, his previous album that featured an impressive array of his talents. Until the Quiet Comes has done more than just improve on his last record, it’s a showcase of Ellison’s talent and musical roots; a definite standout in Ellison’s discography and the electronic music scene.

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