Evening Hymns :: Spectral Dust

LP print test coverToronto-based band Evening Hymns recently released their latest album, Spectral Dusk, this past August, a follow-up to their successful sophomore album, Spirit Guides, released back in 2009.

This album is very personal; being the first release following the years that frontman Jonas Bonnetta has spent dealing with the loss of his father. The thought and emotion that has been put into the songs and the music is evident throughout the album, but standout specifically in ‘You and Jake’, a soft song reminiscing the relationship between his father and brother; and ‘Spectral Dusk’ a track with only Bonnetta, his guitar, and his vocals lamenting the loss of his father.

Other notable songs include ‘Cabin in the Burn’, which begins with a strong drumbeat and a steady plucking of guitar strings, interrupted only by Bonnetta’s crooning voice. A soft folk tune with a strong background, the track takes the listener away. And ‘Family Tree’, strong in both lyrics (“I’m gonna chop down the family tree, / set it on fire it’s gonna set dad free, / show no mercy”), and beat, with the bass of the drum an emphasis on the seriousness of the lyrics.

Spectral Dusk is a thoughtful piece of work, and is perhaps one of the most emotionally moving albums that has been released this year.

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