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Cults-CultsI first heard Cults while browsing one of the unique shops on Queen St. West in Toronto. I caught myself bobbing my head along to the beat of their tune ‘Go Outside’. Immediately, I wanted to check out this band, and once I did, I was certainly hooked.

Cults is made up of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, with the help of a few live members. Their sound is very ’60s and reminds me of a modern version of The Supremes.

Their self-titled album opens with the song ‘Abducted’ which definitely has an outer space feel to it. It’s an intriguing song and immediately you hear how well the voices of Madeline and Brian compliment one another.

Your ears are then blessed with the track ‘Go Outside’, which is suitable because that’s exactly what the melody of the song makes you feel like doing. More specifically, it has such a feel-good sound that you want to skip around with friends in the sunshine while blowing bubbles. Or maybe that’s just me.

Then comes my absolute favourite, ‘You Know What I Mean’. The song has been stuck in my head from the moment I first heard it and I probably listen to it five times a day without fail. The instrumentation is very interesting and has the sound of fingers snapping which aids in the mellowness of the song. The verse is slow, and you can feel the emotional desperation within the lyrics, which help you to connect with the song, and feel it even further once the chorus comes in. The chorus is sped-up and you can’t help but raise your voice while singing along with Madeline. The elements of the song are addicting and it’s utterly impossible not to have this magical tune on repeat, you know what I mean?

Skipping tracks to another song that’s currently on repeat is ‘Never Saw The Point’. It has relatable lyrics and that’s probably why I fancy it so much. It also makes me feel like long-boarding on a boardwalk in California on a hot summer day, and I’m not entirely sure why – I’ve never long-boarded for even a second . . . ever. Nor do the lyrics have anything to do with such an activity, but somehow I seem to think it’s quite fitting.

Moving on to another favourite of mine, ‘Bumper’, which is such an upbeat song for one that’s about an argument between a couple. Though the argument is patched up at the end of the song, had I discovered this tune earlier, the arguments with my partners and I probably could have been much smoother. “Here, Honey, just listen to this song and we’ll be swell in no time.” Better late than never!

The album closes with the track ‘Rave On’ and the melody is more calming compared to the rest of the tracks. It has a “farewell” sound to it while still keeping the happy-go-lucky sound that is heard throughout the album. The instrumentation in this song is fantastic, mellow with some spunk – a.k.a., perfection.

Cults have absolutely won me over with their first album and have me wanting to time travel to the ’60s and two-step in black and white to their songs. But since that’s not possible, I’ll settle with two-stepping in 2012 and in full colour, as long as my ears are filled with the magic of Cults.

So, rave on!

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