Chloe Charles

ChloeCharlesWith a string-infused band (violin, standing bass, in addition to various guitars), it is Chloe Charles’ smokey, worldly, and biting vocals that bring the rock ‘n roll to what could have become a defunct orchestra.

Her voice is altogether throaty and nasally, and it works [italics]. It is full and solid, and it envelops the room so beautifully, before floating strongly and gracefully out the front door.

On acoustic, her slender fingers pluck like crazy, enticing other elements: the twang of a sitar, a jazzy bop, and reeeeal earthy roots.

‘Soon on a Snowflake’, which Charles recently shot a music video for, shows off her vocal range. Her voice powers through an ethereal hum, to a folky charge, commanding the attention of every person at Czehoski on Wednesday night.

‘The Nottingham Premonitions’, meanwhile, starts off with an experimental slant – fitting, since the track is about a woman who once read Charles’ tarot. The song itself is sinister and mysterious; and, like we naturally can’t pull our eyes from a wreck, no one could stand to stop listening. The band also builds up and comes together, but still follows Charles’ lead.

Dedicated to all the “laaaadieeees”, ‘Business’ is a fun, toe-tapping track. With an almost carnival-esque essence, the song – my favourite of Charles’ set – infuses ska and pop bits, to make a quick, cheery, and carefree track.

After her last two CMW shows (March 22 at the AFM/CFM Booth in the Royal York Hotel and March 24 at the Library Bar in the Royal York Hotel) Chloe Charles will next embark on a European tour that will take her across Italy, Germany, and a slew of other places. Find more at

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