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Earlier this month, Born Ruffians and The Elwins played a show to a full house at The Casbah in Hamilton, Ont. It was my first time at the bar, but my friend said that she had never seen the place so full before. A great sign considering we arrived just after the opening band, Cowlick, was wrapping up their set.

The Elwins were set to perform next, and perform they did. The quartet immediately had the crowd moving once they began; their enthusiasm and dance moves were as welcoming, as always.

Well-known songs like ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and ‘Come On Out’ were well-received, and slow jam, ‘Forgetful Assistance’ was performed with the utmost precision, and had me swaying from side to side.

Throughout their performance, the anticipation was radiating from the audience due to Born Ruffians’ front man Luke LaLonde’s presence. Everyone knew what it meant: it was simply a matter of time before The Elwins beckoned him to the stage to perform alongside them for infamous cover of Beyonce’s hit song, ‘Countdown’. Once Matt invited Luke to the stage, the crowd was hooked, singing along to the pop-diva-turned-indie-pop-tune.

After the collaboration on ‘Countdown’, it was easy to feel the ants in the audience’s pants as they waited for headliners, Born Ruffians, to come on stage.  Once they did, everyone was jumping up and down to the opener ‘Barnacle Goose’.

They played a mix of songs, all the way from Say It to songs that will be released on their upcoming record (which has yet to be given a release date). The three new songs that they played were ‘Oceans’, ‘Cold Pop’, and ‘6-5000’. They weren’t too far from what we’ve already heard from the band, but they weren’t exactly the same as everything that has come before it. Definitely looking forward to the new album in order to understand the songs better in the cohesiveness of an album.

Notable performances included ‘Foxes Mate For Life’, ‘Little Garcon’ and ‘This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life’.

They ended the show with a strong performance of ‘I Need a Life’ and then played ‘Kurt Vonnegut’ for the encore. All members hung around at the side of the stage to talk and take photos with fans.

Overall both The Elwins and Born Ruffians gave memorable performances, highlighted by how close The Casbah brings artists and fans.

Don’t forget to watch The Elwins’ new video for ‘Forgetful Assistance’. Check it out here:

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