Biting the Bullet

I did something last week (I do a lot of things, don’t I?)

Anyway, this thing is a good thing (I say that with reluctance).

Anyanyway, I joined a gym.

blog-21Aug2012-photoThis isn’t so far-fetched for me – I had been a member of this gym a while ago (I’d say the name, but it’s the best gym in Toronto and I’d like to keep it my little secret for a while longer. . . Even though it’s not really a secret, but whatever). But I broke my ankle and stopped going. My ankle healed, and I just didn’t go back.

Last week, though, I decided to get in shape (again) and took the plunge. Now, while most people will buy new running shoes or sports bras, my first order of business was to refresh my iPod. (I also bought new running shoes and sports bras, but that’s besides the point.) Studies have shown that music helps boost workout results, and (in my humble opinion) running (and life!) would just be boring as hell without it.

So, in honour of my new-found desire to work out (which is actually kinda fun – who woulda thunk it, eh?), here’s a list (followed by a question).


The Top 5 Songs to Work Out To:

5 – I’m So Hood (remix)

The first thing that makes this a staple on my workout playlist is the fact that it’s over six minutes long. That’s seven glorious minutes of I-can’t-believe-my-body-is-going-this-fast-just-to-keep-time-to-the-beat. Also, it’s a fantastically upbeat track by the incomparable DJ Khaled, and features some may-jah hip hop heavyweights – T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Birdman and Rick Ross.


4 – Before He Cheats

Whoa! How did I go from hip hop to country?! First off, Carrie Underwood is hood in my books (I mean, just listen to what she does to his car. . .) And the song is all kinds of fuck yeah! attitude. Invigorating as anything, just try not to sing along (just be prepared for people staring). The track is great for a second wind, and it’s a bit slower, giving those tight muscles a quick break.


3 – Lose Yourself

. . . in your workout! Okay, yes, that was lame, but the Eminem tune could possibly be the most empowering song in the universe. It’s slow, so I save it for weight training; it’s especially good for the last few reps – the ones that almost make you cry. . . .


2 – The Rockefeller Skank

This Fatboy Slim tune (practically) has no lyrics so it can’t distract you from anything. It’s just a solid blast of high-energy music. Take a listen and within minutes the treadmill runner will be speeding under you, the elliptical will by whirring faster, the stairmaster will stepping quicker. . . Plus, (as Paste Magazine points out in their list) his name is Fatboy Slim, so, you know. . . .


1 – Howlin’ For You

Wasn’t what you were expecting, huh? Sure the Black Keys’ song isn’t the most empowering and its not the fastest-paced song out there. BUT it has a stable beat – da duh da dut duh, da duh da duh dut; da duh da dut duh, da duh da duh dut. . . I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it wasn’t for the spin class I took. My calves were pulsating, my thighs were sore, and I could barely see for the sweat in my eyes. I wasn’t even a third of the way through the class (so apparently I’m pretty out of shape). Then ‘Howlin’ For You’ came over the speakers and I found myself invigorated. Its a simple song to keep time to – plus, it’s catchy as heck. Anyway, I owe the second wind that helped me finish spin class (like a pro, I might add) to ‘Howlin’ For You’.


What does your work-out playlist sound like

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