Beg, Borrow, and Steal :: Three

3-BegBorrowStealAwwww. . . .

Back to school, that most depressing of times when kids nationwide start to either sob over homework, or collectively fistpump with their bros at the prospect of a fat OSAP cheque – a.k.a beer money.

The season when back to school clothes – weather be damned – turns youth into sweating hogs and frat boys into guitar-strumming everymen working out their struggles ’round an ol’ drum circle.

Any way you cut it, back to school blows!

So pack up a lunch, don’t miss the bus and somehow get these songs into your life!



Surely to God, your summer job made you a little coin. But, if your pulling 15 hours at the Best Buy selling 600-inch TVs to people with no credit didn’t equal you ‘makin’ it rain’, well, you’d better start begging’. . . .

Slaughterhouse – Ty Segall Band

Meat-and-potatoes psych-rock, fuzzed up and played by a yelping madman, who you’d swear was really a rabid dog.

And I do not tread lightly by saying: this album can change lives.

And you probably don’t even want to know what I would do for this album if begging wasn’t working.

Slaughterhouse Song Mentions: ‘Wave Goodbye’, ‘Diddy Wah Diddy’. . . well, hell, all of it okay!


Something by Nadja

No certain album needed, just buy whatever you can find from this Toronto twosome.

If “ambient dream sludge soundscape doom metal” seems like it fits in your pipe, then I say smoke it.

Listen to: ‘Now I Am Become Death’, ‘The Destroyer of Worlds’, and the Slayer cover, ‘Dead Skin Mask’.



You’ve befriended the foreign exchange student and found out two things – his lunch smells great and his musical prowess is godlike.

So bone up on your German and ask him if you can lien, bruder?


Something by Timber Timbre

If Blackwater can’t get you to give them a listen, well then there is just no sense in talking to you.


Something by The King Khan & BBQ Show

Take 2 ounce Vodka


1 squirt of lime

Add swagger and some fake wigs

Stir and pour into ears.

* Please drink and listen responsibly.

Hear This Now: ‘Fish Fight’


Metal Machine Music Lou Reed

This is the prerequisite album for opinionated art school kids entering that special time when they realize that every individualist bastard with a knit cap is exactly the same.


Steal (or illegally download)

[Editor’s Note: Raz Mataz Magazine does not endorse any illegal activities of any sort.]

Wanna be Kim Dotcom 2.0?

Here’s your chance ––

That new Dirty Projectors album.

Something by Black Dice

Hear and see ‘Kokomo’ to decide whether or not out-running mall cops is worth the group’s CDs.

The re-issue of the Eraserhead soundtrack

You’ve got to impress those homeroom punk chicks some how, right?

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