Ania Soul

AniaSoulI was a little apprehensive when Ania Soul’s Canadian Music Week profile likened her to Adele and Lauryn Hill. Both those artist have such a stronghold on the term “powerhouse vocals” that so many performers are just daft to claim they, too, can achieve it.

But Ania Soul isn’t one of those performers.

She’d got Adele’s raw depth and Hill’s smooth rhythm. And yeah, she’s got soul to spare.

Her CMW set at Czehoski on Wednesday night had the entire crowd swaying. Her hooks are catchy, but not cheesy, and her band is supportive without over shadowing her.

Soul’s vocals have just that – soul. They’re deep and full and strong. They bring the R&B and the soul to what would otherwise be just another indie rock set. Instead, Soul has made her way into a genre reserved for a select few.

‘Eagle’, which Soul filed a video for a few years ago, showcases her vocal range. At times throaty, at times scratchy, Soul’s strong soulful vocals are only made better by her thoughtful lyrics.

‘Feeling like I can’t go’ has reggae undertones, but still, Soul’s voice is deep and solid.

She closed her set with ‘Over You’, a melodious tune chalk full of solid vocals. Her lyrics, while simple (“I’ve got to get over you”), are heart felt and convincing.

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