Allisha Rozicki Currie

AllishaRozickiCurrieA tattoo parlour – of all places – was where I met Allisha Rozicki Currie, a young, up-and-coming singer from Nova Scotia. We sat on a black leather sofa while needles turned skin into canvas around us, oldies music on shuffle in the background. The interview was full of laughter, stories and smiles; meeting Currie was definitely a highlight of my trip out East. She is one thoughtful, kind-hearted young lady.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How old were you when you started singing?

Allisha Rozicki Currie (ARC): I was 11. I sang back-ups on a song for my dad’s CD and then I started playing guitar when I was about 14. When I was younger I would sing in my room alone all the time and my dad came in one day and asked me to be on his record, but I wasn’t very interested until a few years later. I played my first show when I was 14. That’s when I realized, I love it.


RMM: Who taught you how to play guitar?

ARC: I taught myself. My father plays, so maybe it’s in the family.


RMM: What kind of music do you play? A specific style or genre?

ARC: It’s country and mostly acoustic. I love all music though.


RMM: Do you write your own songs?

ARC: I have written a lot of songs. When I play a show I do mostly covers to entertain the crowd and get them involved.


RMM: Do you have a record out?

ARC: Yes I do, it’s self titled. I started fundraising for Relay For Life a few years back and was performing live shows – the proceeds go to charity – and this album was made for that purpose. And 100% of the proceeds from my CD go to the Canadian Cancer Society, as well.


RMM: Do you have plans in the future for another record?

ARC: Yes. I’d like to make an LP or full album next time. In the next couple years, I’m sure.


RMM: How often are you playing live and where can we find you?

ARC: Ziggy’s is a regular gig. Bars like Steel City and The Main Event in the Sydney mines. This year I’ll be at The Crab Fest – it’s going to be big, a lot of people – and I’m singing Canada Day, as well.


RMM: Do you find yourself more comfortable onstage or off, working in the studio?

ARC: Onstage. Onstage everything is real. In the studio everything has to be all . . . perfect. Everything is done over and over and over again, the pressure is right on.


RMM: Do you plan to continue this as a career in your future or is this a side thing and for lending your helping hand to The Canadian Cancer Society?

ARC: I do, I do . . . but it’s hard when you live in Cape Breton. I think I will always sing no matter what is happening in my life.


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