A bit of a brag. . . .

Warning: This blog will contain some bragging material. If you’re a suck, leave now.

As you may be aware, I attended the Arctic Monkeys/Black Keys concert at the ACC last night. The show, in the most understated of terms, was spectacular.

It was my first time seeing either band live. They each performed so amazingly, that they got their own review (which you can read here.)

If you weren’t there, fear not! Raz Mataz (as always) has you covered. Keep checking back for our soon-to-launched YouTube page for a shaky, poor-quality video. We’ll also be posting video interviews, and other super exciting things, like our time at CMW (Oh, didn’t we mention? We’ll be all over CMW. If you’re there, you should come say ‘hello’), and our first ever Music Almost Famous Concert Series (which we’ll be telling you all about soon)

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re putting on a show (Mark your calendars: March 30 @ JangBang Bar & Grill). And what a show it will be. . . .


And in the vein of concerts. . . .

Luminato announced a slew of performers for its ten-day-long creativity festival in June. The Luminato festival is just one of many truly Torontonian events. Now in its sixth year, the festival is a meeting ground for all artists across all genres, be it music, theatre, visual arts, or anything else you could think of.

This year, Toronto’s very own, K’naan will put on a free concert, as will Rufus Wainwright, Vancouver’s Dan Mangan, and Boston’s Debo Band.

For more information on the Luminato festival, which is running June 8 – 17, click here.

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