An Edited Letter to the Mysterious Man at the Metric Show

Editor’s Note: This post was originally a snarky open letter to two rude women at the free Metric concert at Sugar Beach in Toronto. I’ve since decided to remove that portion and focus on the good vibes.

blog-11June2012-photo1Although you can’t really tell from the photo, this guy was rockin’ right out. Singing, dancing, shouting, waving – the whole nine yards, and then some.

This guy was having a blast. And this is what every single person should feel like at a concert.

So kudos to you, mysterious mustachioed man. While those lovely ladies managed to make my free-Metric-concert-at-Sugar-Beach experience rather unenjoyable (to put it lightly), you managed to cheer me up, make me smile, and helped me remember why I love live music so much in the first place.

And now, to the music part. . . .

Look, I know I’m biased, so I’ll make this short. Metric was amazing.

They never fail to sound amazing. They never fail to banter amazingly. Pretty much, they never fail to put on an amazing show. There’s really nothing else to it. Metric = amazing.

The foursome played several tracks from their new album, Synthetica (for which we will have a [biased] review shortly), and ‘Monster Hospital’, an old goodie. ‘Youth Without Youth’, being the single and all, garnered the most enthusiastic response, but that’s not to say the crowd was silent for a moment – probably because Metric streamed the record a week ahead of its release.

Yeah, they’re just that cool!

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