100th Grey Cup Halftime Show

JustinBieberGreyCupWith the 100th Grey Cup being played in our wonderful city this weekend, and the host city having the rare chance of playing in it, it’s safe to say that most of Toronto – and even the country – will be tuned in for Canada’s biggest sporting event since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. But what about the rest of the world? Obviously not many people are interested in Canadian football outside of the Great White North. Heck, most of football-crazed America doesn’t even know about our championship game. However, it may not be the game that makes the biggest headlines this weekend.

Fresh off of his spectacular performance at the American Music Awards (along with a few trophies to add to his collection), the kid from Stratford, Ont., that everyone either loves or hates (because there’s really no in-between), Justin Bieber will headline the Grey Cup halftime stage on Sunday night. With his millions of fans and his incredible star power, Bieber could bring an exposure to the sport that it has never seen before. Although the game will only be broadcast in North America, there will no doubt be video of the halftime show up on YouTube within a few minutes of its conclusion – the same site where Bieber was first noticed. Justin has some of the most loyal, devoted, and passionate fans in the world and if he draws only a fraction of them to Toronto on Sunday, then the CFL will have done its job right. There’s really no better way to bring our league to a world stage.

Joining him will be rising star and touring mate, Carly Ray Jepsen, who herself won an AMA for New Artist of the Year, pop-rockers Mariana’s Trench, and Canadian singing-songwriting Legend and Icon, Gordon Lightfoot. The combination of new and old stars will no doubt bring more people to the Canadian Football League, which has been growing in popularity every year.

Justin Biebers’ current Believe tour will make a quick stop in Toronto for the Grey Cup before returning the following week, after stops in Montreal and New Yorks’ Madison Square Garden. With the Believe tour having sold out every show just hours after its ticket release, Bieber will make the 100th Grey Cup an even bigger event.

Good luck finding a ticket – or a parking spot – within the GTA.

And Go Argos!

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