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TheBroadys-TheBroadysThe theme of driving, of moving, tends to find its way through the power chords and smooth vocals on the self-titled debut album by Montreal-based trio, The Broadys.

The album opens with the lone striking of a drum. Quickly, it’s followed by the deep thrash of a guitar, and guitarist/vocalist, Dominic Parent’s boisterous growl.

That first song sums up the band’s sound – it’s explosive and unapologetic. And for only three members, it’s incredibly full.

Take the first track, ‘Drivin”. The vocals are strong and crisp, while the frantic guitar moves through the entire song with energy to spare. The drums, played by Martin Lefort, are strong; the bass, manned by Mathieu Lamarche, is solid; and listeners can’t help but want to jump around.

The band’s energy burgeons through the entire album – ‘Trust’ is full of brawn right off the bat, with quick vocals and a rapid pace to the bitter end; ‘Later’ is a fun song, speedy, but not exhausting, fuelled by fantastic instrumental breaks.

‘Ride’, which boasts one of the band’s three music videos, pairs eerie, distant-sounding vocals with a biting chorus. Zingy electric guitars and a waiting drum – the song is quite possibly the one of the most well-mastered songs on the entire album. It’s a solid rock n’ roll track, and features the best example of contrast on the record.

The band isn’t all about loud and in-your-face-ness. Their intensely slamming loudness – there’s no other way to describe it – is frequently offset by slower, more ballad-esque tracks.

‘I Am’ is a heavier, more body-swaying tune. It’s slower, it’s deeper in thought, and listeners can’t help but feel how personal it is. ‘The Wind’ contrasts quick instrumentation, trying to move as fast as possible, with slow vocals, trying to pull back. It’s a contrast that works superbly.

The slowest song on the record, ‘What If I’, is also one of the best. Uplifting and almost dream-like, it’s the type of song that eVeRyOnE can relate to. With lyrics like, “What if I could do something / That would make our dreams come true? / What if I found something / My life was dedicated to?”, you can’t help but feel optimistic.

The Broadys will next be rockin’ the stage at Canadian Music Week in March.

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