Smash Hit: An Improvised Musical

SmashHitIf you’re looking for something fun, affordable and different to do on a Saturday night, check out SmAsH Hit: An Improvised MuSiCaL.

The show takes place at the dodgy end of Kensington Market, at a club called The Augusta House.

But not to worry – as soon as you get up those stairs you’ll be blinded by hot pink wallpaper.

It’s a night of music and mayhem presented by Opening Night Theatre, a new Toronto based musical theatre/improv company. The troupe consists of twelve members who rotate performing schedules. A few weeks ago, the cast consisted of Toronto-based improvisers, Adrianne Gagnon, Cameron Algie, Josef Addleman, Christine Aziz, Josh Bowman, Stephan Cole, Jeremy Voltz, and Stephanie Sheri on piano.

The Toronto comedy scene needs more improvised musicals. There has been a draught lately and hopefully Opening Night Theatre is paving the way for different styles and different types of the improvised musical.

Doors open at 7:00 pm, and the show starts at 7:30 – an important distinction to note if you are relying on the information on the group’s Facebook event page.

A raspy-voiced comedian, Shirley Cuschieri, hosted the show while sipping Cognac and joking about karaoke and bugs. The opening act was Bron Halpin, who performed four original songs on acoustic guitar, describing his songs as “depressing”. The down-tempo music style coupled with song titles like ‘Conclusion Code Red’, ‘You Erased Me’, and ‘Decomposing’, made the audience laugh, awkwardly.

It’s an impressive display of imagination and budding comedic and musical talents, as the seven performers and a piano player turn the word “pretzel” into a half-hour musical spectacle. They managed to make up funny songs like ‘The More You Spend, The More You Love’, and ‘Snowman Killer’. Even though the story made no logical sense and could’ve used some more musical numbers – it was really fun and kooky.

The night is also pay-what-you-can – great for those of us budgeting our life this holiday season.

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