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HNSS-Nov6 (CC)

Carmen Corcoz performs in Toronto as part of the Home and Native Sound Series

Hosted by Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto, the second showcase of the Home and Native Sound Series’ third season had brilliant presentations by dynamic artists. The event enveloped the audience – nearly hypnotizing them with four ethereal performances. In that quaint, yet famous tavern . . . such beautiful melodies streamed through the air creating a cozy ambiance, and a night to remember.

Andrea Caswell was the first performer on stage. Her song composition came directly from her heart, as informed by Caswell herself, with a dash of humour. Her original bittersweet lyrics, complimented by the melancholy chords of the cello, were the perfect accompaniment that defined her originality. Her fresh and witty approach captured the audience’s attention, and her splash of humour intrigued the public with “what’s to come”.

Caswell’s album was released in February of this year, and she delighted all by singing her love songs – one of the most notable being: ‘I don’t know’. This soft, piano-infused ballad had all in the Tavern swaying to the beautiful tune.

Carmen Corcoz was definitely entertaining with her spunky, folksy tunes. Her backup singers flavoured her performance – reminiscent of motown, meeting 2011 funk/pop. Her song, ‘Hide and seek’ is a perfect example of that assimilation. Corcoz’s music and singing was energetic, and vibrant, colourful one can say, as she incorporated a medley of genres which worked very well, and resulted in an original theme and showcase.

She utilized jazz, blues, funk, and threw in a touch of glam rock that gave her a spirited and fiery performance. Singing from her debut album Inspired, Corcoz gave a fascinating performance that is sure to provoke many to get up and dance.

Elyse Simpson’s solo guitar performance, the third of the night, was enthralling. She produced sounds that were mellow and expressive, rupturing into an epic and surreal exhibit of her love for music, for her guitar, and showcasing her convictions towards the meaningful words in the lyrics she wrote by the sudden upbeat chorus.

A truly genuine performance with hints of jazz and soul, highlighting her emotive songs like ‘Impatience’.  An epical and gratifying experience for all.

Aria Tesolin – rising, and destined to become a star; Her hypnotizing, euphoric, and angelic voice mesmerized the audience. Her strengths lie in her soprano abilities, which is why she is known for her operatic singing. Her notes were carried far off into the room, and caused complete silence amongst the crowd, who were kept in deep anticipation of her next song.

Her show was majestic. Her innocent demeanour subtly disguised a remarkable talent, and powerful voice. She delighted all by debuting a song she had been working on for a while, titled, ‘Nobody knows’.  It was an ethereal performance, akin to the melodies of Evanescence. She used her soprano talent to blend and harmonize with a contemporary rhythm that left most waiting for more.

The opportunity to watch these amazing talents left most of the audience feeling serene, and fully appreciative of how music, and these talented artists, can so easily captivate and seduce with their haunting voices, resonating throughout the cozy establishment.

A spectacular experience, not to be missed: the next Home and Native Sound Series showcase is on November 20, at Clinton’s Tavern. We’ll see you there!

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