Art Assimilation

ArtAssimilationMusic draws inspiration for many artists in various fields. For fashion designers, it intensifies the runway show, and allows the theme to be portrayed in a way only music can. It wouldn’t be uncommon to learn that many fashion designers listen to their favourite music while creating their masterpieces.

Often times, loud, upbeat music is an integral part and a necessity of a prosperous runway show – one that excites the audience, and permits the models to creatively and confidently stride down the cat walk.

Another example is soft, classical music that is played while models glide and proudly exhibit the clothing, while the audience is mesmerized and awed.

Imagine a runway show without music? The liveliness of the show is usually contingent on the selection of music. The flow of the show depends on the beat of the music. Upbeat music requires the models to strut upon the catwalk in a quick and contemporary way, while softer music promotes the model’s elegant glide.

Art is art in any and every possible way: whether it’s home or clothing design, paintings or sculptures, exhibits, and music.

When watching documentaries or TV shows, music usually plays in the background. And the media – advertisements and commercials – depend on music too!

Painters create their exquisite pieces of work while listening to inspirational music. Sometimes, writers find refuge from their writer’s block by mellowing out to their favourite tune.

The fascinating, and often neglected, fact is that all forms of art rely on each other. Each compliments, and intensifies every sector of the art industry! We depend on art every day – we purchase greeting cards, for example, browsing through them to find the perfect illustration and poetic or humorous captions. As we peruse a shopping mall or any store, often . . . music can be heard – the genre dependent on the theme of the store or merchandise.

Music is a strong component in many aspects of a person’s life. What can truly be noted is that every form of art is significant, and great inspirations often compliment each other.

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