Aria Tesolin

AriaTesolinMeeting for an interview at a local coffee shop with Aria Tesolin was, for lack of a better word: refreshing! Her youthful and pleasant demeanor – ever so apparent, was a precursor to a delightful conversation . . . .

At the innocent age of three, Tesolin’s talent was discerned. Her family’s recognition of her remarkable voice gradually evolved into the perception of the passion she wholeheartedly demonstrated – music.

At the delicate age of eight, Tesolin was invited to participate in a summer concert series organized by Rino Iannone, founder of the Golden Nugget Awards, a Canadian Idol-esque show for children aged to four to twelve. Tesolin performed with three Canadian tenors.

The concert was recorded for CityTV, which aired a special interview with Aria. The exposure led to Aria opening the official Canada Day celebrations in Toronto, where she sang the national anthem for over 20,000 people.

Then, at the tender age of 12, she released her debut album: Baby Soprano.

I ask her, “What does music mean to you?”

She solemnly confesses, “Music is everything to me. It flows through my blood.”

One can definitely discern that she is completely loyal and devoted to her love of creating music, and for that matter, to the music industry as a whole.

She finds her music can be categorized as ‘adult contemporary’, but her heartfelt lyrics, which resonate with and relate to people of all ages, have made her realize that she’s reaching a much wider audience. Her songs can be – and are – enjoyed by a variety of music lovers.

“I make observations, and think about other people’s struggles, accomplishments,” Tesolin reflects. “And it inspires me to compose lyrics based on these reflections.”

Her mezzo-soprano voice, the primary cause of captivation regarding her singing success, is natural to her, and she effortlessly astonishes listeners with her combination of operatic vocals, and contemporary rhythms. Her spellbinding songs can be heard all across the globe, ranging from Europe to the Americas.

She excitedly says, “I have received so many favourable comments, and emails from fans from various parts of the world, and I’m very pleased that they enjoy my music.”

Her inspirations, she tells me, are drawn and derived from various artists, like Amy Lee of Evanescence, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Mother, Mother, and Elliot Smith, to name a few. When I tell her that I found her singing nearly akin to Lee’s, she laughingly remarks, “So many people have commented regarding that!”

So I ask her what her favourite genre in music is . . . .

“I listen to all kinds of music: I like to listen to Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Acoustic and Indie,” says Tesolin.

Tesolin’s convictions on remaining original and not using lyrics or tunes from other artists are imperative, and incredibly important to her: “I want to keep my own style, originality, and focus on creating more of what I enjoy and love.”

Her own unique mode of expressing her creativity is important, and she feels that it will never change. She’s found it crucial and essential for the success of her work thus far. And I can completely acknowledge her rarity when listening to her songs, understanding her steadfast decision.

“Many times I would be doing something, and then suddenly hit with inspiration,” Tesolin says of her songwriting process. “I would go to my piano, and simply begin composing a song. Words would come to me, and I would find the right key to harmonize with my lyrics. Testing notes, and humming . . . I create my music that way.”

“I enjoy challenges,” she adds. “And I work harder to create something different, and of my own.” That is the driving force behind Tesolin, and a significant contributor to her achievements, and the future to come.

Tesolin’s producer, Douglas Romanow, is actively working on her next album, to follow her incredibly successful, self-titled EP. She envisions tours, and many more albums to come.

With the additional help and coaching of a vocal instructor it is apparent that Tesolin will rise even further to become an amazing super star, blessed by her exceptional voice and touching lyrics.

It was a pleasure to meet an exceptionally talented young woman with a powerful voice – one that discreetly lurks beneath her subtle and quiet demeanor. It is definite that her music will surely delight many folks!

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