• IanSherwood-EverywhereToGo

    Ian Sherwood :: Everywhere To Go

    Recently I had the chance to review the award nominated, once-upon-a-time Nova Scotian musician of the year, Ian Sherwood’s latest album: Everywhere To Go. With little need [...]
  • Postcode-Zebratronic-2

    Postcode :: Zebratronic

    Postcode boasts an experimental third album with Zebratronic, featuring dynamic duo Mike Daugherty and Marie Reynolds (as well as Steve Halsall, Kieran Ball and Jonny [...]
  • LAM

    Like A Motorcycle

    Following the release of their new single ‘Hands’ (listen to it below!), I got a chance to chat with the lovely ladies from Like A Motorcycle (Jillian Comeau [...]
  • FrankieMcQueen

    Indie Week 2014 :: preview

    Frankie McQueen at Indie Week 2013 Tonight, Indie Week Canada 2014 will kick off at the Hideout in Toronto. And, as it’s been for every year that I’ve attended, [...]
  • KISS-1


    As KISS was in their prime years, they still are in their later years: thrilling! Luckily I was privileged to attend their 2014 concert at Toronto’s Molson [...]

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Today in Music History

  • Oct23
    On this day in 1964, J. Frank Wilson of the Cavaliers, who had a major hit song three years’ prior with ‘Last Kiss’, was seriously injured in his own car [...]

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