• Metric

    The Evolution of Metric: Then & Now

    What can we say about Canada’s independent rock band, Metric? Well, it’s a national treasure, it holds onto the tradition of rock music while mixing new synthetic sounds, [...]
  • ReinhardtGuitars-2

    Heart Shaped Guitar

    Just north of Lansdowne station in Toronto, inside a repurposed warehouse, a ceiling-high vault door opens up to a modest workshop. Inside are the bare necessities: a drill [...]
  • DieMannequin-NeonZero

    Die Mannequin :: Neon Zero

    Toronto-based band, Die Mannequin’s newest album Neon Zero is a collection of tracks that are wickedly versatile in the spaces where you can appropriately listen to them. [...]
  • KeithMullins-IslandSol

    Keith Mullins :: Island Sol

    (more music below) Bringing summer to all who are facing the impending cold of Winter, Keith Mullins gives us some Island Sol. With the best of summer swing, reggae beats, [...]

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  • AstridYoung-OneNightAtGiantRock
    From her usual rock to psychedelic, with a mix of anything in between, Astrid Young brings us One Night at Giant Rock. As Astrid’s first solo album since 2002’s Matinee, [...]

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