• ShakeyGraves-AndTheWarCame

    Shakey Graves :: And the War Came

    And The War Came by Shakey Graves Shakey Graves’ voice is like butter being spread on toast: a smooth substance moving along a rough surface until the two become [...]
  • TerryPenny-1

    Terry Penney

    On a quiet wednesday night in a small bar called the Moonlight Cafe in Oakville, Ont., there was a man alone with a guitar on a small stage. The man by name was Terry Penney [...]
  • FlyingLotus-1

    Flying Lotus

    “I’d like to inform you all that you’re dead.” So proclaimed Steven Ellison from behind a massive white screen flowering with stunning psychedelic visuals, his [...]
  • GoliathPaw-1

    Indie Week :: Goliath Paw

    The energy that Goliath Paw, another Ottawa native, brought to the Tota Lounge stage for Indie Week was absolutely unparalleled. The rapper bounced around on stage, and the [...]
  • PhillyMoves-1

    Indie Week :: Philly Moves

    Philly Moves, the Toronto-based duo (by way of Ottawa) spoke with Raz Mataz many moons ago, and they were no less passionate on stage at Tota Lounge for Indie Week than they [...]

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  • Oct31
    On this day in 1962, ‘The Monster Mash’ was introduced to the world of trick-or-treating teeni-boopers. Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s vocals were his [...]

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