• Postcode-Zebratronic-2

    Postcode :: Zebratronic

    Postcode boasts an experimental third album with Zebratronic, featuring dynamic duo Mike Daugherty and Marie Reynolds (as well as Steve Halsall, Kieran Ball and Jonny [...]
  • LAM

    Like A Motorcycle

    Following the release of their new single ‘Hands’ (listen to it below!), I got a chance to chat with the lovely ladies from Like A Motorcycle (Jillian Comeau [...]
  • FrankieMcQueen

    Indie Week 2014 :: preview

    Frankie McQueen at Indie Week 2013 Tonight, Indie Week Canada 2014 will kick off at the Hideout in Toronto. And, as it’s been for every year that I’ve attended, [...]
  • KISS-1


    As KISS was in their prime years, they still are in their later years: thrilling! Luckily I was privileged to attend their 2014 concert at Toronto’s Molson [...]
  • AliceSungurov-1

    Alice Sungurov

    Is there anything more inspiring than a young woman who has a solid amount of determination and motivation, as well as talent that helped her overcome and conquer an auditory [...]

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  • Oct20
    On this day in 1976, the Led Zeppelin concert documentary, The Song Remains The Same, opened in London and New York, with the band in attendance at the New York [...]

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